In 2006 I graduated college and started working for a large insurance company. I started as a developer, then after a few years moved to the server team. I focused on SQL Server for a few years and got into SAN and Virtualizaion administration in the summer of 2013. Its a very fulfilling and sometimes stressful job that has driven me to blogging.

I blog to help myself. Writing things down helps me evolve ideas and explain things better in person. This blog isn’t really intended for technical reference but many of my sources are. I hope to help others but I caution readers to verify the accuracy of any advice they may find.

This is my personal blog about my technical life. I stress the word personal because a lot of the time stories from my work can be intermingled in these posts. All the views and opinions are definitely not the views and opinions of my company. I understand that is a given for most people but it is important for me to be very clear. Although most stories are true, some fabrication can and will take place just for fun.

I owe my success to continual learning. I thank all those who write and answer forum questions so I can find the answers I need. If you copy anything from my blog all I ask is that you give the original creator credit and maintain any links that I may have included.


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