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MTC Chicago Visit

Microsoft has datacenters that are open to customers for training and consulting of all kinds. I’ve been to the newer one in Detroit and to the MTC Chicago twice now with the most recent time being this week. It was a good visit sponsored and encouraged by our storage vendor.

The key topic being ways to manage copies of data. We have some specific needs surrounding reporting, agile development, and quality assurance that request several copies of large databases. Thin provisioning, compression, and deduplication help control costs but several arrays do best when the copy is a snapshot done at the block level. This reduces the cost of having that copy and keeping it around. These users however, generally want to create the copy at the database level. This has a few complexities, even in a fairly standard virtual environment.

Some of these copies require the source system to be quiesced so the snapshot technology needs to integrate with your database technology to cause a pause in writes while the snapshot completes. SQL handles crash consistency very well, but if some require quiescing, I may as well setup a system that does that for all of them. The virtual layer has abstraction layers between what the guest operating system sees and what the storage system presents. This also needs to be coordinated. All of these separate scripts that use different APIs need to be scheduled and some needs to be able to be called from another application or run on demand.

This problem has been mostly solved by some of the automation I have done surrounding backup and restores. We have a working solution but it takes technical time and more storage than it needs. Whenever you have a solution that is good enough, it prevents you from creating a great solution. It is a good solution up to a point until the number of copies, and time it takes to make a copy become prohibitive.

It was a great trip to see another datacenter in action that has the up and coming technologies. It gave me motivation to work on the great solution instead of settling for one that barely works.

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