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SQLPass Day 1: Exploring Seattle before #summit15

This first one is some boring route talk I’ll admit.

Alaskan Air from DTW to SEA non-stop round trip for $315. Pretty good find. I decided to fly out a couple days early because I know there will be some other SQL people I might be able to meet up with, and the flight times were pretty terrible otherwise. I’m a SQL PASS Summit first timer and this will also be my first time to Seattle. I want to checkout the normal touristy stuff like the fish market, coffee shops and the space needle. The week is pretty busy with other activities so the extra days should be more relaxing and fun.

I’m about a 1 1/2 hour drive from the airport so I opted for the Michigan Flyer bus for $50 round trip instead of gas and parking that would be a little bit more expensive.

MichiganFlyer driving past the Blue Lot

MichiganFlyer driving past the Blue Lot

My wife and I tried out AirBnB while in Europe and found it pretty interesting. The first two nights are more of a vacation than a technical training conference, so I offered to pay for the extra costs of food and stay for these nights instead of suggesting work pay for that. I wanted to stay somewhere close to the attractions so I could walk and hotels in that area were about double the price of reasonable looking AirBnB rooms.

Mount Something... Must be getting close

Mount Something… Must be getting close

I’m staying in the Queen Anne district right near the space needle. I took my first Uber from SeaTac to where I am staying for $29. I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I didn’t even realize I had actually ordered the cab until he was calling and saying he was there. Worked out quite well, 5 stars.

My AirBnb host isn’t here but she had someone clean up the place for me. It is a pretty fancy 1 bedroom condo with a view of the space needle.

I got in town and started walking from bar to bar watching the twitter for some meetup opportunities. No luck the first night, but I’m hopeful for a full day tomorrow.

Just the Tip

Just the Tip

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