Gearing up for another exam ICND1 100-101

09 May

The more I learn about networks, the less I tend to blame the network.

It was almost 20 years ago that I set a static IP address on my sisters computer and connected a cross over cable to my computer so we could play a game called Quake. She wasn’t that interested so I ran back and forth between the rooms and played by myself. This loneliness was resolved a few years later with a device that looked something like this


Point is, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I still don’t know jack. I don’t like to fail tests, so signing up for a test is going to help me learn. I would like to become a more well rounded datacenter administrator.


ICND1 100-101 is the first half of a valuable certification CCNA. I now have the book in hand and about 5 weeks to prepare. Normally, I would allow myself about 3 months with a book this size but opportunity has struck and I need to accelerate my pace.

Like Microsoft, Cisco is very open with their exam topics.

1.0 Operation of IP Data Networks 6%
2.0 LAN Switching Technologies 21%
3.0 IP addressing (IPv4/IPv6) 11%
4.0 IP Routing Technologies 26%
5.0 IP Services 8%
6.0 Network Device Security 15%
7.0 Troubleshooting 13%

These do not line up that nicely to the book topics. But I am going to attempt to cruise through the book which I have given myself some milestones below.

Part I: Networking Fundamentals
Part II: Ethernet LANs and Switches
Part III: Version 4 Addressing and Subnetting (Be done by May 11th and practice subnetting)
Part IV: Implementing IP Version 4 (Be done by May 18th and practice show commands)
Part V: Advanced IPv4 Addressing Concepts
Part VI: IPv4 Services (Be done by May 26th, decide if I want to skip IPv6, Review OSPF and practice more advanced subnetting)
Part VII: IP Version 6
Part VIII: Final Review (Be here by June 1st and have taken a practice exam to decide what areas to review)

The schedule is set, plans are in place, now it is time for me to do some reading.

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