Quick Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2 Build

29 Sep

When I upgraded to Windows 8 I decided to go with the Pro version for one reason, Hyper-V. Since it’s not installed by default, I had to use the control panel to install Hyper-V and it’s Management Tools.


After a couple reboots I found the “Hyper-V Manager” and started laying down the communications infrastructure. Hyper-V allows one virtual switch per NIC. I chose an external network switch so my VMs can talk to the outside world. They will receive an IP from my router’s built in DHCP server.


Now we can start building virtual machines. Choose New->New virtual machine to start the wizard. About the only options we have are Name, Memory, what vSwitch to use, where to store the virtual disk files and how to install the OS. I have already downloaded Win 2012 R2 and SQL 2012 ISOs to setup on the virtual machine so I will choose that option.


Power this VM on and the OS will start to install.


When installing Server 2012 CTP1 make sure to check your email for your product key. With a few more clicks and a few minutes of waiting for the install my new virtual server is ready!


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