A new path

13 Jul

I started at my current employer over 6 years ago as a developer. 4 years ago I ventured on a new path into server administration and picked up the task of managing SQL Servers along with a bunch of other web and application servers.

I have enjoyed server administration very much, especially being a SQL DBA. Being responsible for the data ignited a passion for me to learn ALL teh things! I started with very little knowledge and had little guidance. I made the mistake of tip-toeing passively into being a DBA until an early case of corruption found it’s way to me. After that I started actively engaging all the instances. I crawled my WMI queries into every last corner of the network and started auditing and monitoring the backups. I started attending user groups and conferences. I started blogging and speaking in hopes to contribute to the community that helped me get where I am today.

I became very interested in disk and virtualization performance in an effort to get the most out of SQL Server. I have heard of some DBAs not getting along with their SAN admins but that isn’t the case where I work. I believe we have worked very well together to overcome some very challenging issues.

The growth in our server count and storage requirements had opened up a very obvious need for more help with virtulization and storage administration. I made it clear to my management that I was interested in these things and then I waited. I waited for quite some time. I waited until they apparently got desperate enough to finally give in and let me become a storage and virtulization administrator =]

I’m happy to say I will maintain a role in SQL administration. I won’t be quite as active because I am way over my head in these new tasks and must once again learn ALL teh things!

I’ve started with ESXi and vCenter Server Product Documentation: vSphere Storage Guide found over here

Also, later next month I will be attending VMWorld in San Fransisco. I hope I can absorb enough information before then so the content at the conference won’t fly right over my head. I am getting the feeling that this new path will increase my urge to write so stay tuned.

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Posted by on July 13, 2013 in SQL Admin, Storage, Virtual


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