#SQLPASS #SQLSatDetroit recap

20 Mar

I attended my third SQL Saturday event March 16th, 2013. This was the first one I decided to submit an abstract to and I am really glad I did. I’ve been geeked out on my presentation topic the last 6 months so that helped me push past any nerves.

I also volunteered but the hard work of others didn’t leave much leftover. After 200+ of these SQL Saturday events the community has a pretty good handle on how to make it a success. This was Detroit’s first so were plenty of unknowns. Lawrence Tech turned out to be a great location. There was plenty of open space between all of the classrooms for discussion and sponsors. The cafeteria simplified setup, delivery and cleanup of lunch. We were able to access the facility early and staff was onsite to help. 4G service was good and wifi was open.


There was 5 tracks two with larger rooms and 3 with smaller rooms. I got one of the smaller rooms which was fine with me. I don’t like microphones and my voice doesn’t project particularly well. However, I did hear that some folks would have like to attend but the room was already packed.



And some older demo steps:

I was very happy with my delivery. I’m definitely not a natural but I can sense that I am getting a little better each time. I have to give a big thanks to the developers of Kali Linux. They shipped a solid product that demoed nicely. I was very concerned jumping into the new hotness with only 2 nights of practice but it worked out for the best. Of about 40 attendees, I received 21 reviews for an average score of 4.57/5.

Speaking did distract from attending other sessions. I was a complete zombie after my session and almost missed lunch. That said I think I will give speaking another shot. The #SQLFamily made it an enjoyable and valuable experience. Especially this evaluation comment that made my day and gave me the energy to go get a drink after the event.


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