I’m Speaking at #SQLSatDetroit March 16th

06 Mar

What a great way to use up my 100th blog post. I could not think of a better way to pass that milestone than to announce my upcoming session.


Ok, I didn’t really delete that session next to mine but what a great way to get in the mood!

Hacking SQL Server
The best defense is a good offence. Learn how to practice hacking without going to jail or getting fired. In this presentation we’ll be going over how to exploit weak SQL servers with actual tools of the penetration testing trade. You will learn why the SQL Service is a popular target on your network and how to defend against basic attacks. We will also attempt to snag some credentials from the SAM cache so we can go galavanting across the rest of the network.

If you are attending, I encourage you to get a few things installed so you can play along. It’s just more fun that way. VMWare player and BackTrack should get you started. You may want to setup a victim virtual machine as well, or just hack your host computer. Make sure to turn off your host NIC so you don’t make any mistakes and touch the network that you don’t have permission to use inappropriately.

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