meme Monday: DBA done list

05 Mar

This is my first participation in meme Monday.

SQL isn’t all I do but it is the main thing I focus on. I do stick on the server side and don’t get much into the database development side. So here is my list:

Index maintenance
Stats maintenance
SQL Installs
SQL Uninstalls
Database migrations
grant access
Windows patches
SQL patches
tune queries
talk to isv support
tune networking settings
closing alerts
overriding alerts
reporting on backups
testing restores
sending trace results to devs
report on used space
report on space projections
SAN monitoring
Racking servers
tracing cables that don’t work
evaluate default policies and try to fix failures
Hassle people to upgrade their crapware that runs on sql 2000
research open source SQLs for ISV apps (mysql, PostgreSQL)

I spend a decent amount of time asking for stuff
New vm requests
New hardware requests
training requests
book requests
gimme space requests

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Posted by on March 5, 2012 in SQL Admin


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