18 Sep

SQL Saturday in Kalamazoo was a huge success. The event leader Tim a.k.a. (Brent Ozar PLF) not only did most of the prep work for the event, he delivered a great session on DMOs AND hosted a great speaker/volunteer party the day before.

I volunteered because I have mooched knowledge from both the wmssug and semssug for over a year now without doing anything. I was curious to see the inner workings that make PASS tick. I got that and much more.

Tim really grabbed this corn cob by its ears. To make sure all of my comments are qualified, this was my first sqlsat. The networking, speakers, venue and the prizes are the big four things that make sqlsat’s work. I believe we excelled in all of these areas. If the prizes and venue are lacking you might get some complaints but the important things are that you drawn well known speakers and create opportunities for networking.

The whole OPLF made it to the event and shared their skills. That alone is quite a feat. We planned quite well so I was able to attend most of a few sessions. Thanks specifically to Thomas LaRock, Wendy Pastrick, Eddie Wuerch and Jason Strate for educating me in the many areas of SQL.

The pre and post parties were great opportunities for networking. The vendors came through with great prizes (iPad2, xbox 360, thousands of dollars in software and training ..etc). And finally the venue was fantastic. I’ll be curious if anyone was able to capture its awesomeness in a picture because my droid cam was not able to do that.

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Posted by on September 18, 2011 in PASS


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