Setting up a rails server

04 May

If this is any harder than setting up my wordpress server I might have to give up. I’ve been hearing more and more people raving about Ruby on Rails so my curiosity has gotten the best of me. I have an instruction book, an unused computer and some free time. I started reading the configurations necessary to setup rails on ubuntu but fortunately didn’t skip over the easy button.

The turnkey iso was remarkably simple. There is also a vm appliance available for those of you without extra hardware. In about 45 minutes I read some instructions, burned the install cd and was done with the server setup. I set a static IP from the console and went upstairs. By browsing to the computer’s IP address I could use Shell in A Box… no need for putty. I just starred at webmin in amazement for a minute and now I am off to attempt to do some actual coding.

To modify the files in this demo I used WinSCP from my windows machine and Shell in a Box to execute the commands. Then I just had to modify some router settings to forward the port 81 traffic to 3000 on my rails box.

I’m looking forward to making something good looking and useful in Ruby on Rails. My initial skepticism has faded and I will sleep much better knowing I didn’t give up on this challenge.

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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Network Admin


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