Style and less code with CSS

29 Dec

I started with a simple HTML book in 7th grade and posted my first webpage before high school. It was easy with notepad but rather time consuming. When I landed a decent part time job I used dreamweaver. If you hadn’t used Dreamweaver it basically had a MS Word view and a code view that you could switch back and forth to make web pages. On top of that, there were buttons to quickly perform regular actions such as adding images and making lists.

The problem with this was the ultra-super-mega crap it generated for code. I haven’t used it in a few years so maybe it has gotten better. It was a code generator that didn’t know how to refactor. The HTML was very verbose. I maintained a website with over 4000 documents and found myself on slow days going through pages and trimming the unnecessary code.

About that same time I discovered CSS. Its an easy way to refactor your web pages. Instead of putting the font size, weight and type in every single paragraph definition you define a style once and reuse it. CSS has evolved past the simple text manipulation into layouts and page templates. Tables used to be the best way to divide up you webpage into sections for menus, content and ads. Now with css and applying styles to div tags you can achieve a much slicker look. Also, it will be much more cross browser compliment and look better at different resolutions.

When you get bored with your website you can swap the entire look at feel out and put in a new .css file easily.

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