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18 Oct

I have been having trouble with my wireless routers of late.

Almost everyone has a router these days. I can say that now that my parents and also the inlaws have this handy piece of computer equipment. A router is the piece of hardware that fits in-between your modem and computer connected by Ethernet cable (some are even a modem/router combo box). I have setup about 20 different small routers in my day and I would consider that not a lot of experience. I have however overcome just about every minor issue you can have with this simple piece of equipment.

Routers have a WAN port that goes to your modem and some switch ports that can go to any device of your choosing such as that sweet new internet enabled TV or a linux web server in your basement. DCHP is built into the router and assigns IPs to each device. Your device can accept this dynamically assigned address or it can have a stubborn Static IP. If you setup port forwarding in your router you should probably setup a satic ip on the endpoint device.

I had set this before on my linux box, but as most linux skills go, I had to relearn the whole thing the next time I needed to change it. I just happened to figure out a different way to do it this time too. So here is what I did today:

1. logged into router
2. changed LAN settings to
3. opened my pc’s cmd prompt and did ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew
4. logged into router( and noticed the port forwarding had changed dynamically which was nice
5. realized I had set a static ip on my linux server and now can’t ssh to it
6. walked downstairs (gah)
7. forgot sudo password, walked upstairs (gah)
8. walked downstairs (weeze)
9. sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces
10. press insert and changed the network file
11. typed :w and ctrl-z to save and quit
12. sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

I then connected via wifi with my droid and pinged my webserver with the “Net Status” app.

64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=37.4 ms

Glory glory haleleluia that is over.

The other issue I have is some random wireless disconnects and no internet over the wireless connections. I use my laptop on the big screen so when I am halfway through a hulu show this is very frustrating. I have used my droid app “Wifi Analyzer” and identified 11 wireless networks. Yes the neighbors are invading but unfortunately I will have to play defense this time. I am going to switch to the channel to “1” to avoid all the default “6” channel neighbors. Hopefully this will do the trick.

The other thing I did was change my SSID or router name. It seems that windows 7 doesn’t like traveling between two wireless networks with the same name and different passwords. You could try “manage wireless networks” highlight and click remove but then you would have to remember both passwords every time you travel.

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