we have liftoff

24 Jul

But you work on a computer all day, why would you want to waste your valuable free time setting up and posting to some stupid blog?

The answer is my time isn’t that valuable… yet.  What better activity could I be doing? dishes? mowing the lawn? Its all about the opportunity cost and right now I find value in all that is this blog.

nujakcities is a combination of an old college nickname “nujak” and geocities.  I am sure some of you remember geocities, the late, great ad based free web hosting.  What you are viewing now is a culmination of my efforts to get the internet to exist in my basement for little to no additional cost (yes even opportunity cost).

In short, it went something like this:

1. got an old junker pc from work for 40$

2. install xp and wampp

3. site up

4. get tagged for software piricy

5. no more windows updates… site down

6. install debian

7. site up but not fully functional, can’t get users and permissions to work

8. site down

9. install ubuntu server

10. install apache/php/mysql

11. enable ftp

12. enable ssh

13. upload (hurray test site works)

14. install word press

I hope that I find myself reading this in 5 years and feel satisfied that I was able to accomplish such a feat.

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One response to “we have liftoff

  1. David Smith

    September 28, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    Welcome to the blogging world! I definitely remember good times with Geocities, although I wasn’t sad to see them go 🙂 Nerd points for running Linux 😉


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